NoDepositFan Policy on Privacy and Cookies (referred to below as “we” or “us”) handles personal information concerning users and customers (referred to collectively as “you”) on our sites. We take measures to safeguard all personal information, keep it secure, and comply with all applicable data protection regulations.

How This Policy Is Implemented

This Policy’s purpose is to tell you how no deposit fan handles information that may be personally identifiable to you (“personal data”). Additionally, our website offers important information regarding your statutory rights. This Policy is not intended to supersede the terms of any other contracts you may have with us or any rights you may have under applicable data protection law.

Click on a specific subject from our list and find out about it in more depth by visiting the many online links. We have previously labelled several parts of the Policy to make it simpler for you to find the most relevant information to your requirements.


1. Who is accountable for monitoring your personal data?

2. What kind of personal data does our website collect?

3. For what reasons is your personal data of use to us, and when do we handle it?

4. With whom is your personal information shared?

5. International Transfers

6. Direct Marketing

7. For what duration is personal data or information retained?

8. What are your legal rights?

9. Policy on Cookies

1. Who is in charge of processing your private data? is primarily responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of your information that is regarded as personal. No Deposit Fan, in this case, is the data controller. The term data controller refers to the organisation that determines how and why personal data is processed. Although we are primarily accountable for any of your personal information, you should be aware that it may be kept in databases accessible to other businesses. When accessing your personal information, all businesses must adhere to the criteria set out in this Policy.

2. What type of data that is personal does our site collect?

The following kinds of data that is personal may be processed by us:

  • Name
  • Electronic mail address
  • Internet Protocol (IP) address
  • Geographical information
  • Individual preferences

3. For what reasons does our site collect personal information, and when is it processed?

Whenever you utilise our services on our website, will gather data directly from you.

We utilise personal information for the following purposes:

• distribute promotional emails about our goods and services. Section 6 discusses direct marketing. We analyse data stored in our website’s databases and systems to optimise our websites and business depending on our users’ preferences, resulting in an enhanced user experience and service.

• focus and enhance the advertisements you see on our site.

• sign you up for programs or communities that we host and in which you may contribute.

• execute or comply with our responsibilities and legal rights

We handle personal information only for the purposes specified in Section 3 and are completely convinced that: You have granted us permission to utilise your personal data for that reason, or

Our use of information that is deemed personal is necessary to serve our business’s ‘legitimate interests’ (e.g., to use all datasets to carry out analytics or to enhance our products) in a proportional manner that respects your privacy.

4. With whom is your personal information shared?

Our website collaborates with a number of third parties to handle company operations and provides different services. At times, these third parties may need access to your personal information:

• Aweber Systems, Inc., a supplier of our mailing application located in the United States of America, which is approved by Privacy Shield and processes personal data on our behalf;

• Our site’s plugin supplier, Automattic, Inc., headquartered in the United States of America together with the host of, which is Privacy Shield certified and processes personal data on our behalf;

• Our analytics suppliers (such as Google, VWO, and Hotiar) handle personal data in their capacity as Data Controllers. Please refer to the Cookie Policy section below to learn how to prevent analytics companies from having access to personal data.

• Service providers or data processors, such as cloud computing services process your personal information according to the required guidelines.

• If we are needed to defend our security or interests, or if we are required to comply with legal requirements.

• If we purchase, sell, or restructure any of our assets or businesses, or in a situation where a third party buys our assets, including buyers and sellers who are protective.

5. Transfers Between International Countries

International Transfers relate to the transmission of personal data to a country outside the European Union. As mentioned in the above section, NoDepositFan may enable access to your personal information by third parties based outside the EU.

We always take steps to ensure that any worldwide data transfer is handled in a manner that safeguards your rights and interests. Upon getting a data request from a regulator or law enforcement agency, we thoroughly review the request before releasing data that is personal.

Every person has the legal right to obtain further information about any protections we have implemented as described above. Contact us if you need more information (Section 8).

6. Direct Marketing

We utilise personal information to give direct marketing messages regarding our and our partners’ goods and services. This includes sports betting, financial services, and online casino gaming. This may take the shape of targeted web advertisements or email.

In certain instances, the processing of personal data for marketing purposes is justified based on our site’s legitimate interests (Section 3). When required by law, the matter is usually dependent on consumer permission. You may opt-out of future direct marketing at any time. You may contact us (see Section 8) or use the unsubscribe link included in all direct marketing messages. We take many measures to keep direct marketing to a proportional and acceptable level and send messages that we believe may be suitable or relevant to you based on the data we have about you.

7. For how long does no deposit fan retain personal data?

We retain your personal information for as long as necessary to fulfil the purposes outlined in this Policy. We retain personal information for a specified length of time for accounting, tax, or legal reasons during certain instances. We have a data retention policy in place for any personal information we keep. If your personal data is no longer needed, we will ensure that it is anonymised or safely destroyed.

8. What are your individual liberties?

You have a number of different rights in relation to your data that is personal. You may get more information on your rights by consulting the information below. To exercise your rights, please contact us by email at or by mail at the following address: Clegg St. 16, London, St Katharine’s & Wapping, 3AT E1W

You have the option of requesting that we:

• ascertain if we are handling personal data;

• provide you with a copy of such data;

• provide you with additional information about your data that is personal, for instance, what data we have on you, what we use it for, who we disclose it to, whether we transfer it outside the EU, how we protect it and how long we intend to use it, your rights in regards to such sensitive data, ways of lodging a complaint if displeased by how we are handling your data, how we obtained your data, and whether we utilised profiling or automated decision making. This is accomplished to the extent that you have not supplied data in accordance with the Policy.


You have the right to request that we correct incorrect personal data. We may request verification of the data’s correctness prior to rectifying it.


You may request that we delete your personal data in the following circumstances:

• it is no longer required for the purpose for which information was gathered; or

• you revoked your permission (if the processing was dependent on consent)

• after a successful exercise of the right to object (‘Objection’); or

• It was illegally processed, or it was processed to comply with legal requirements

Our site is not obligated to comply with user requests for data deletion. If the processing of your personal data is necessary:

• to ensure compliance with legal obligations; or

• to establish, defend, or to exercise legal rights;

There are other circumstances in which our site is not obliged to comply with an erasure request, but these are the two most probable ones in which the request would be rejected.


You may request that we limit (i.e. retain but not use) personal information in the following circumstances:

• its correctness is contested (see Rectification), allowing us to check it; alternatively

• the processing is illegal, but you do not want it to be deleted; or

• it is no longer required for the purpose for which information was gathered, but our site needs it to establish, defend, or exercise legal rights; or

• you invoked your legal right to object, and the process of validating overriding reasons is ongoing.

We may continue to use your data that is personal even after you have applied for a limitation in the following circumstances:

  • we obtained your permission; or
  • to establish, defend, or assert legal claims; or
  • to safeguard the rights of another legal person.


You can always request that our site gives you your data that is personal in a widely utilised, machine-readable and structured format, or to request that it be directly ‘reported’ to another Direct Controller, but only in the following circumstances:

• processing is based on your personal permission or the execution of the agreement between us, and processing is carried out using automated means.


You have the legal right to object to any processing of personal information based on our site’s ‘legitimate interests’ if you believe your fundamental rights and liberties are essential than the legitimate interests of our site.

We have the opportunity to demonstrate that we have substantial legitimate interests.

International Transfers

You may obtain a duplicate of or constantly refer to the protections in place for the transmission of your personal information beyond the European Economic Area.

We may redact data transfer agreements or associated documents (e.g., obfuscate data in these contracts) for business-sensitive reasons.

Sustaining Authority

Legally, you reserve the right to lodge a complaint with a specific supervisory body about how we process your data.

We ask that you initially attempt to settle any issues with us. However, you also have the right to call upon a legal supervisory body at any time.

9. Policy on Cookies

We make use of cookies.

To offer you a variety of services on our website, make your visit more pleasant and comfortable, and remember user preferences, our site makes use of “cookies.”

Cookies – What Are They?

They refer to a little file or piece of data that is stored on a computer or device when you visit a website. It enables the website to remember your activities and choices (such as language, login, and display settings such as font size) for a certain length of time, allowing you to avoid having to input them each time you visit the website or go from a single page on the web to the next.

Your alternatives

By using our site, you consent to the storing and utilisation of cookies on your mobile device or computer. While you may usually access our site without utilising cookies, some parts of the site may not function properly, or navigation may be slower.

 You can always disable the option of your device storing cookies in your browser’s system settings. Additionally, you may remove the cookies associated with your system settings at any time.

Additional information about deleting or deactivating cookies may be found at the following link: In addition, keep in mind that if you disable cookies, the usefulness of our products may be restricted.

Cookie Subcategories

Our website utilises cookies for a variety of reasons and functionalities.

Certain cookies include the following:

  • technical necessity-required precisely in technical words
  • used and kept for a certain period (or storage duration)

A third party or even our site may store or install cookies (or cookie providers)

Technical Requirement

Technically, cookies are:

Necessary: Our site utilises certain cookies because they are required for the site and its features to operate properly. These cookies are stored in your device or computer automatically when you visit the site or use a certain feature unless you disable cookies in your browser settings.

Not Required: Certain cookies are not strictly necessary but are placed on a user’s computer/device to improve the speed and ability of the NoDepositFan site to preserve certain preferences that you make. Additionally, we employ cookies that are technically unnecessary to collect data on the frequency with which certain parts of our site are utilised to ensure that we cater to your wants and demands more precisely.

Duration of Storage

Session Cookies: Certain cookies are required just for the length of your website session and are referred to as “session cookies.” After logging out from the site or your time lapses, such data is deleted or becomes invalid. Session cookies may be used to save specific data during a session.

Cookies that are kept indefinitely: Certain cookies are retained indefinitely. Allowing our site to identify users later on when they visit and retrieve their stored preferences is an example. For instance, you may then visit websites more quickly or conveniently, eliminating the need to re-set certain settings such as the selected language. Permanent cookies are automatically erased after a certain period.

Flow Cookies: These cookies facilitate communication inside our business group through our servers(internal). Immediately you start browsing the site; they are stored on your computer/device and subsequently erased after you have completed your navigation. Although flow cookies provide a unique reference number, we are unable to draw any judgments about the client or actual user.

Providers of Cookies

Provider Cookies: Our website or an operator we have commissioned to manage our website are set by our website.

Third-party Cookies: These are cookies sent and kept by other websites or organisations, such as online analytics tools. Additionally, third-party providers may utilise cookies to include social media content such as social plugins or show advertising. To learn more about Web analytics tools and reach measurement, please refer to our cookie policy.

Utilisation of cookies for web analytics/measurement of reach

Our site makes use of Google Analytics, a web analytics tool provided by Google. Google Analytics uses cookies to determine the frequency with which particular parts of our site are accessed and to learn about user preferences. The cookie collects information about your specific use of this site (e.g., abbreviated IP address), which is subsequently transferred to and stored on a Google server in the United States of America. Then Google analyses utilise our website to generate reports on website activity for us and perform other website/Internet-related services. Additionally, Google may transmit your data to different third parties as required by law or when third parties are required to handle this data on Google’s behalf.

If you wish to stop using website analytics, you may disable Google Analytics using a browser add-on. You may download the add-on using the following link:

The add-on saves data that corresponds to the deactivation of Google Analytics on your device or computer. It is critical to note that this kind of “opt-out” disables Google Analytics for the device and browser just on which the opt-out was activated. You may also need to reactivate it if you remove the cookies on your device.

The most often seen cookies are the following:

Google Analytical Services
This cookie is set by Google. It enables our site to gather information about how our visitors interact with our site. This information includes the date and time of the visit, the pages seen, if the user has visited our site before, and the websites visited prior to accessing our site.

Pixels for Facebook
Facebook sets this cookie. It enables our site to track, develop, and optimise audiences for social media advertising campaigns.

One Signal
One Signal sets this cookie. This cookie enables our site to remember that you have subscribed to receive push notifications. Additionally, the cookie enables our site to provide personalised alerts.

VWO places this cookie. It adds cookies to users’ and customers’ browsers in order to identify them. These cookies do not include any personally identifiable information. Additionally, they may retain and gather data locally on devices through technologies such as browser web storage.

Hotjar places this cookie. It collects non-personal data in order to enhance customers’ experience on your website, keenly look at trends, and troubleshoot technical problems.

Unbounce assists our website in developing more effective landing pages. Such cookies store information that is non-personal about users, landing pages, and our users’ experiences.

Google AdWords
Google AdWords allows pay-per-click (PPC) advertising.

Double Click
Online advertisers and marketers utilise this tool when they want to promote on several ad servers.