The Most Common Mistakes Made When It Comes to No-Deposit Free Spins & Bonuses

While bonuses and free spins that do not require deposits are fantastic – and they are fantastic since they are completely free to claim and enjoy – they do have some drawbacks. Indeed, we get a high volume of letters from lovers of online casinos who do not require deposits, disappointed with free spins and bonus offers. They believe we are not delivering on our promises.

The truth is that by understanding the guidelines of any bonus before obtaining it, you may prevent or at least learn to cope with many of these traps. Terms and conditions of a bonus are the guidelines that govern a bonus. They exist to safeguard both you, the casino that offers them and the players too.

We’ll discuss the most frequent problems connected with bonuses and free spins that do not require bonuses, as well as online casino bonuses in general, in this post. Understanding what they are and how to avoid/fight them will enable you to get the most out of each bonus you obtain and maximise your chances of cashing out.

The following are the most often observed problems that players face while claiming and utilizing free spins and bonuses that do not require a deposit:

Mistaking them for free cash and trying to cash them out

Possibly the most widespread misunderstanding regarding bonuses that do not require deposits is that they are equivalent to the actual money that can be withdrawn. Unfortunately, this is inaccurate.  A cash bonus is exactly that – bonus currency that must be played/used in the manner specified by the betting site should you need to obtain actual money.

Casinos, whether online or brick-and-mortar, are not a charity and will never give free money. In situations where they award players free spins, you have spent on either of their leading slots or a bonus cash amount used on slots, scratch cards, keno, or any other casino game; your ‘free cash’ has to be spent on those games in accordance with the terms and conditions of that game.

Ignoring or being unaware of their requirements for wagering

If you do not fully satisfy a bonus requirement for wagering, you will be unable to withdraw whatever profits you might have patiently accumulated from it.

It’s critical to realise that each online bonus has a unique set of requirements for wagering.  The term refers to the number of times an online casino needs you to bet (playthrough)your bonus and free spins that do not require a deposit before you can pay them out.

If wagering requirements are not posted alongside the specific bonus on the casino’s homepage or the special offer page, you’ll find them in the bonus T&Cs. To withdraw from a bonus that does not require a deposit of $40 that has a 20x requirement for wagering, you have to bet a minimum of $800 ($40 x 20).

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Attempting to withdraw while playing after amassing a large win

The previous pitfall and this one go hand in hand in that even if you’ve amassed some sizeable wins using the bonus and want to cash out, your request will be rejected.

Despite the amount of money you obtain from a win, you have to meet all wagering criteria; every withdrawal attempt will be rejected, leaving you dissatisfied, dejected, and conned.

Ignorance of the fact that there is a limit on the number of wins that may be cashed out

It is a significant flaw that has displeased a large number of gamers. Every bonus that does not require a deposit has a cap on the number of wins you may cash out. This amount, called the limit on maximum withdrawal, is specified in the terms and conditions of a bonus and is intended to safeguard casinos from bankruptcy.

Consider this: without any kind of cap on bonus wins, it wouldn’t be long until the majority of online betting sites were completely ‘cleaned out’ by players utilising free offers completely, different packages for bonuses in that situation. As a result, the maximum withdrawal limit is always applied.

Therefore, even if you are fortunate enough to convert little free spins or bonuses that do not require deposits into actual money, you will always be limited to withdrawing wins to the extent the casino has limited. Normally, this amount is a few hundred dollars.

Hoping that you may retain and cash out any winnings generated by free spins

Most players in online casinos, especially newcomers, believe that everything they earn as a result of free spins and bonuses that do not require deposits, and even those that need a deposit is theirs to keep. This is untrue.

With bonuses from free spins, all winnings are immediately converted to cash, which is a bonus and hence, it adheres to the casino’s standard bonus terms and conditions, including associated wagering requirements. You will be eligible and allowed to cash out after you have fulfilled those wagering criteria.

Additionally, free-spin promotions are not created equal. As stated within their guidelines, some casinos allow you to withdraw your wins without making an initial deposit; on the other hand, others demand a payment to unlock earnings. Therefore, carefully review the terms and conditions.

Utilizing no-deposit offers to play games that are not allowed

Just because a mobile or online betting site gives you free spins, a no-deposit bonus, or different kinds of bonus does not mean you may play any game you like. Online betting sites are picky in terms of the games on which they offer bonus play.

This is especially true for free-spin offers, usually associated with one or more of a casino’s finest or most popular slot games. Typically, such slot games are featured with the associated bonus-free spins.  Therefore, you may only spend your free spin bonuses on the games listed above.

It’s somewhat more difficult to determine which games you may play with a cash bonus that does not require a deposit since a few offers explicitly state which games are permitted. To determine which games are qualified for the bonus, a player must always read the terms and conditions of the casino.

It’s critical to note, should you utilise bonus funds to game on even one game that is not allowed (as defined in the T&Cs). The casino has the right to cancel such a bonus or deduct any wins associated with the offer, and in limited instances, permanently ban you from the site.

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Attempting to collect a bonus from the same casino several times

There is arguably no quicker path to being banned from an online betting site than attempting to obtain a new member offer that does not require a deposit or other such promotions several times. Casinos provide offers to new players in order to encourage long term membership and loyal customers, but their terms and conditions are strict — just a single bonus for every new player. There is no exception to this.

Even though this is explicitly stated in the terms and conditions of any bonus, several gamers are constantly shocked when they try to obtain an offer several times and are immediately blacklisted from online betting sites. Most sites make use of a range of high-quality technology software to ascertain the location of a player’s and other pertinent information, which assists in preventing repeated sign-up efforts.

Permitting the expiration of your bonus or free spin that does not require a deposit

Free spins and bonuses that do not require deposits are not everlasting. To prevent your bonus from being withdrawn from you, verify the offeror’s terms of acceptance to verify any time limitations or restrictions.

At the majority of casinos, you’ll have between seven and thirty days from the day to activate your bonus to spend it. It is a non-negotiable rule, which means that in a situation where you haven’t exhausted your free spin or bonus, any wins you have accumulated will disappear immediately after the offer for your bonus ends.

Published on: 2021/07/13

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